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For a limited time you can watch the first part from Sheri Bayles' bestselling Lamaze Childbirth Class 'Laugh and Learn About Childbirth' for FREE. Simply click the Play button in the video window above. This is America's #1 Childbirth Class on DVD or Online. Just read all those fabulous TESTIMONIALS.

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About Sheri Bayles

Most of you know me already through my bestselling DVD classes. You made them the #1 DVD classes for pregnant couples in America.

Thank you!

Over my 20 years of teaching pregnant couples, I always get the same question: "Sheri, what do you recommend?" That's why I created this store. Here you will be able to purchase items from my DVD classes, read and download valuable information, or find unique items I love, that I feel you should know about. Some are essential for you new moms or dads, some will make your life a lot easier.

Enjoy and have a great day,

Sheri Bayles, RN

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Hi Sheri,

As the Host on HGTV's "Hidden Potential" its been nearly impossible for my husband and I to take classes together until the last couple of weeks when things slowed down for me at work. I have taken classes and read books until I was blue in the face but watching your DVDs was wonderful.

In your Childbirth Class DVD you explain and give information about the process of birth that was not included in the hospital class nor myriad books I’ve read. The way you convey your lessons, for example what to do if your water breaks, makes it so easy to remember and made my husband and I joke around on a daily basis. He’ll say to me on the way out the door, “Green Means Go!” I also really appreciated the explanations of the medical terms often used in birth – it made my most recent prenatal appointments much better in understanding words like pelvic station, effacement, etc…

Regarding the Baby Care and Breastfeeding Classes – it was great to see a real woman or a real baby! This is not an experience I’ve had in taking baby care and nursing classes around the city. We practiced on a doll - but I would have rather just watched someone live, with a real child or a real breast(!). At our last hospital orientation class I announced that everyone should go out and get the 'Laugh and Learn' DVD series – whether you take a class or not. It’s just really nice to learn at one’s own convenience, in the privacy of your own home and to rewind as many times as you want.

Thanks again!

Paige Rien
Host of HGTV's "Hidden Potential"

'DVD Of The Month' Pregnancy Magazine

"At first thought, a childbirthclass DVD might seem like another unnecessary prenatal purchase. If you're signing up to take a course, why would you need a recording? But think about having the freedom to watch at your own pace rather than schedule your life around the sessions. And the chance to watch key parts over and over.

If this is starting to sound good, consider the recently revamped 'Laugh and Learn About Childbirth'. The focus is on natural childbirth, but even if you're pro-epidural, you'll learn key information. Besides the basics like mom's anatomy and labor signs, instructor Sheri Bayles, B.S.N., R.N., teaches you about body changes that are sure labor tip-offs and decodes doctor speak so you'll feel comfortable in the hospital. The tone is lighthearted, but it's backed by experience: Bayles has been a labor and delivery nurse and is a certified lactation consultant as well as a Lamaze instructor.

Her jokes are actually funny, and the information is priceless. Our pick for playing again and again: the section on labor comforts, which shows pillow-supported positions and how your partner can massage you. "

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REVIEW: I recently was sent the Laugh and Learn About Childbirth Book to take a peak at. I had never heard of Sheri Bales or the Laugh and Lean series before, but I will admit that I have really enjoyed reading this book.

This book would be a wonderful gift for expecting Moms-to-be. I really found this book super informative and so much fun to read. I was shocked that even though I have had three children and I read a ton while I was pregnant with my son I still learned a lot from this book.

It covers every aspect of childbirth that you could possibly have a question about. Laugh and Learn About Childbirth is filled with over 40 illustrations, 6 easy to understand chapters and numerous tips for even your partner.

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Sheri Bayles Is Looking To Change Lamaze Forever!
Many new parents take childbirth or Lamaze classes to get ready for the birth of their child, but it's not always the most fun thing to do. Sheri Bayles is looking to change that!
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On Comcast's ParentsTV:
Sheri Bayles, birthing coach to the stars, gives you advice on giving birth. She'll tell you what you need and what to expect.
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REVIEW:    You can easily pop it in your purse to read in the waiting room and it has all of the information from the DVDs, plus ... read more

REVIEW: I am beyond impressed by these DVD’s and book. I wish I had them during my first pregnancy! This fabulous collection is even affordable for non-celebrities like us!!!! ... read more


"This whole series is GREAT! We are having our first baby and the information we received from this set of videos let you know things to ask your Doctor. Our Doctor was impressed with our questions and we owe it to this video series!!!! We HIGHLY recommend them!!!"

R. Fern